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Book Art

Guide to Book Arts at VCU

How Can I Find Book Art at VCU?

  1. Use VCU Libraries Search to identify book art pieces you want to view. See below for more details on how to search in the catalog for Special Collections materials. 
  2. Write down the call number, title, and author. The Book Art Collection has different call numbers from other books in the library because they are organized according to size. The call number will start with a 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  3. Visit Special Collections and Archives on the fourth floor of Cabell Library. Fill out the materials request form at the front desk. A staff member will retrieve your requested materials from the closed stacks.
  4. View the materials in the Special Collections and Archives reading room. 

Please don't hesitate to ask the Special Collections and Archives staff for help.
We would be happy to help you find binding styles, print methods, specific structures, or topics.

No idea what you're looking for?
Schedule an appointment with Katharine Buckley, Teaching & Learning Librarian, for additional help using the link below,
or contact her at or (804) 828-1108.

Tips for Searching for Book Arts in VCU Libraries Search

To search for Book Arts in Special Collections in the VCU Libraries Search, you may search by title, author, subject/genre. 

Library homepage with search bar highlighted


Once you've done your initial search, you should see a list of items in the catalog below. To the left of the search results you should see a selection of filters. Select the "+" next to "Library" and click on "Special Collections". These filter options may also appear at the bottom of your page below the search results.

Search results with library filter highlighted



Once you click on "Special Collections" the list of items in the catalog relevant to your search should reflect items available in Special Collections. There should be a green dot for each listing with the words "Available at Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives" (highlighted in yellow in the image below).

If the item(s) you are searching for are held specifically in the Book Arts Collection, it will be indicated next to the green dot in the "Available at" line. The call number will also be listed at the end of the "Available at" line.