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Civil Discourse Podcast

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Summer of SCOTUS 2: Interpersonal Relationships (Aired 7/5/2022)

Aughie and Nia discuss the interpersonal relationships of Justices of the US Supreme Court. From friendships to enemies, some of the more interesting relationships are revealed.

Summer of SCOTUS 2: Religion (Aired 7/12/2022)

Nia and Aughie discuss the religious makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court, historically and currently.

Summer of SCOTUS 2: Tests of the Supreme Court, parts 1 & 2 (aired 7/19/2022)

Aughie explains many of the tests that the U.S. Supreme Court uses in deliberation to arrive at their case opinions. In the first part, Aughie covers rational basis, intermediate scrutiny, strict scrutiny, void for vagueness, overbreadth, the Miller test, and the clear and present danger test. In the second part, the Lemon test, the trimester framework, the undue burden standard and the Chevron test are covered, along with a discussion of intent.

Summer of SCOTUS 2: Gravesites and Tombstones (Aired 7/26/2022)

Nia and Aughie discuss the tombstone epithets and gravesites of Supreme Court Justices.

Summer of SCOTUS 2: The Myth of Merit, parts 1 & 2 (Aired 8/2/2022)

Aughie and Nia discuss the educational backgrounds of the Justices, as well as their career backgrounds, political affiliations, and administrative experience. There are also several tangents taken.

Summer of SCOTUS 2: Wrap Up: Overview (Aired 8/9/2022)

The first of the three part series is an overview of the general statistics of the term (vote rates, number of opinions written, etc.)