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Civil Discourse Podcast

Companion to the podcast

Eviction Part 1: The Short Take (Aired 9/13/2019)

This podcast discusses the VCU Common Book, Evicted and the eviction process in general. It covers both the technical definition (the legal process that leads to someone to be physically removed from the place that they rent) as well as the broader “forced moves” that are enacted by landlords without the legal process as well as the creation of the RVA Eviction Lab as a way to research the topic and bring attention to it. Guests are Donna Coghill, Kathryn Howell, and Benjamin Teresa.

Eviction Part 2: The Longer Take (Aired 9/13/2019)

This podcast is a continuation of the podcast Eviction Part 1. It discusses cases of eviction, how the instability of housing impacts individuals and neighborhoods, section eight and how eviction is just the latest form of dispossession of people. It looks at neighborhoods in Richmond that have seen instability in some form over the last 100 years.

Federal Budgeting: The President Starts (Aired 9/20/2019)

This podcast reviews the federal budget process starting with the president (through the Office of Budget and Management, OMB), the OMB sending out memos to each federal agency for their requirements, the agencies responding and the revised budget going to Congress where it is scrutinized and perceived politically.

Federal Budgeting: Congress' Turn (Aired 9/27/2019)

This podcast continues the conversation about the federal budget process but this time focuses on Congresses’ role. It follows the path of the budget from the president’s office through Congressional leadership and the budget committee (that agrees to the total amount) and appropriations committee (that figures out who gets what) and how the budget is broken up into several appropriations bills to get it passed.

Getting on a Postage Stamp (Aired 10/04/2019)

This podcast reviews the process of getting a picture on a postage stamp. It all starts with the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee. According to the committee, you have to be dead and have had some kind of significant impact on American and have a widespread, and positive national appeal (so no serial killers allowed!). Also, copyright issues regarding stamps and their usage are discussed. Guest is Hillary Miller.

History of the Post Office (Aired 10/11/2019)

This podcast discusses the creation of the post office to unify the country, to create a way to connect sellers and buyers and also to help aid in the migratory patterns of the United States. The Pony Express, the Postmaster General, the Sears catalog, the censorship of mail during war times and the railroads are all part of the story of the US Post Office and its impact on American society.

Down With Broccoli! Executive Orders (Aired 10/18/2019)

This podcast reviews the process and internal working of what it takes to issue a presidential executive order the subsequent issues including potential legal ramifications, injunctions, etc. It also includes examples of executive orders from Bush 43, Barack Obama and Donald Trump (and a fictitious executive order about banning Broccoli). Guest is Bill Newmann.

Rules for the Rulemakers: The Federal Register (Aired 10/25/2019)

This podcast reviews the Federal Register (AKA the bible for bureaucrats) which is defined as: "…the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents." Federal agencies must register their intentions with the Federal Registry for their future intentions to comply with the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act (APA). Also, the process of review and analysis of these types of proposals is discussed.

Tell Me About the 25th Amendment (Aired 11/01/2019)

This podcast takes a look at the 25th Amendment, which was proposed after the death of President Kennedy which provides the procedures for replacing the president or vice president in the event of death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation. The four sections of the amendment reviewed with examples.

Commerce Clause: Mudflaps, Grandmas Growing Pot, and Affordable Health Care (Aired 11/08-22/2019)

Commerce Clause 1: Mudflaps and Interstate Commerce

This episode introduces the listeners to the Commerce Clause, including when and why it was included in the Constitution, what it regulates and its importance to the oversight of commercial intercourse in the United States. It also discusses the case of Bibb versus Navajo Freight Lines which challenged Illinois’ right to control the types of mud flaps that truckers could use when driving through the state.



Commerce Clause 2: Grandmas Growing Pot


This episode continues the discussion of the Commerce Clause, including cases about farmers growing extra crops and grandmothers growing medicinal marijuana.




Commerce Clause 3: Affordable Health Care/ Carrots and Sticks


The final episode in this series tackles the Commerce Clause from the standpoint of the Affordable Care Act and the use of federal funds as both a carrot and a stick to induce individuals and states to behave in certain ways.



Turkey Pardons (Aired 11/25/2019)

This episode introduces listener's to the tradition of the president's pardoning of turkeys at Thanksgiving and uses that as a springboard for discussion about presidential powers to issue pardons.

The White House Christmas Tree (Aired 12/06/2019)

This episode discusses the annual tradition of the White House Christmas Tree, its origins, history, and current practices.