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Civil Discourse Podcast

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War Powers (Aired 1/31/2020)

In this episode, Nia wants to invade Canada when she is President, and Aughie explains why she might want to get Congressional buy-in for an invasion. We talk about the War Powers Act and the responsibilities and limits of the executive and legislative branches when it comes to military action.

Electoral College (Aired 2/07/2020)

Nia and Aughie discuss strategies likely to be employed in the 2020 presidential election. They also explore two cases before the US Supreme Court involving faithless electors, and the potential punishments they might face.

Iowa Caucus (Aired 2/14/2020)

​Nia and Aughie discuss the messiness of the Iowa Democratic caucus ​at some length. Aughie offered a historical look at the caucus process, and the primary process in general.

Space Force (Aired 2/21/2020)

Nia and Aughie discuss the creation of a Space Force, as well as how agencies are created and changed in general.

Impeachment (Aired 2/28/2020)

Creating a Federal Holiday (Aired 3/06/2020)

Nia and Aughie talk about how federal holidays are created. They also explore the idea of new federal holidays, and the consequences of such celebrations.

McGahn Subpoena (Aired 3/13/2020)

Nia and Aughie discuss the House of Representatives' appeal to have a subpoena for former White House Counsel Don McGahn enforced. They ruminate on the future of this situation and the potential affects on House subpoenas in the future.

Price to be Paid (Aired 3/20/2020)

Nia and Aughie discuss civility in political discourse, as it relates to Senator Schumer's remarks regarding the Supreme Court. A plea for more civility follows the discussion of a "price to pay".

501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organizations (Aired 3/27/2020)

Nia is joined by guest Dr. Patricia Sobczak to discuss the rules surrounding non-profit organizations and their tax status. Dr. Sobczak also gives advice about giving money to charity.

The Census (Aired 4/03/2020)

Nia and Dr. Nina Exner discuss the Census and how the data is used. Nia and Nina discuss the difficulties of counting every American, as well as the ways in which other types of sampling data is taken and how the statistics are adjusted to give an overall picture of the American population. 

**American Factfinder was retired on March 31, 2020. 

The Gold Standard (Aired 4/10/2020)

Nia and Aughie discuss the gold standard, what backs American currency, and the beginnings of the national economy. They also explore the philosophical questions around debt and currency as social interaction.

Russian Politics (Aired 4/17/2020)

Nia and Aughie are joined by Dr. Judyth Twigg of the VCU Political Science department. Dr. Twigg specializes in global public health issues and all things Russia, and gives Nia and Aughie a primer on current Russian politics. Later in the episode, Dr. Twigg connects politics to the coronavirus in Russia, and makes some predictions about Russia's political future.

President Adjourns Congress (Aired 4/24/2020)

Nia and Aughie discuss the Constitutional powers granted to the President to adjourn Congress or call a session of Congress. There are very narrow circumstances under which a President may adjourn Congress. Only once has a President called Congress into session.