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High School Students, Teachers and Librarians

Wireless Access

From your personal device, select the VCU Guest Wireless network and a log-in page will appear. Read the terms and conditions, accept them by entering your email address. Access to most electronic resources are available via the VCU Guest Wireless.


Library Computers

For one-hour per day, anyone with a current school or academic ID may use our guest computers to access our online resources. Space permitting, high school students can also use student computers in Cabell Library on Saturdays, when Information Services staff can log them in for an extended basis; this access is for academic research use only.

Copying, Printing and Scanning

Copying & printing: Purchase a pre-loaded printing card for $2 ($1 in printing is included in the purchase price) and add money to the card as needed. B&W two-sided printing is 12 cents; single-sided is 8 cents; color is 50 cents. Copies are 10 cents for single sided only. 

Scanning is free, you may email the scan to yourself; there are scanners on all floors.

Borrowing Materials

This partnership allows you to authorize your students and instructors to borrow materials from VCU Libraries, with the understanding that your school will be held responsible for the payment of all fines and fees associated with these loans.

  • Students must have a VCU Libraries High School Borrowing Pass, obtained from their librarian.
  • Students can check out a maximum of 10 books for 28 days, one renewal.
  • Books may be renewed by calling Information Services at 804-828-1111 before the due date.
  • Loan period for DVDs and CDs is 7 days, limit 5 DVDs at one time.
  • At time of checkout, students will receive a loan receipt which includes due date. 
  • We will use the student’s personal email address to communicate due dates; school librarians receive an emailed monthly report of the students and due dates for all items.
  • Librarians can email VCU Libraries at any time to check on student’s library account.

If you have additional questions about borrowing privileges, please contact Denise Smith.

Fees & Fines

  • There are no overdue fines on books in our general collection. DVDs and CDs are subject to overdue fines, at the rate of $1 per day ($10 max).
  • If any material is returned after being considered lost, 28 days overdue for books and 4 days overdue for DVDs and CDs, the replacement fee is removed. Processing fees and overdue fines are still owed. 
  • The base replacement fee for materials from Cabell Library is $80 plus a $10 lost item processing fee, and for materials from Tompkins-McCaw Library, it is $150 plus a $10 lost item processing fee. 
  • Librarians will also be notified of items that have been declared lost. If unpaid, each high school will be held financially responsible for damage fees and lost material fees on items borrowed by their students and teachers. 


Visiting Cabell Library

The experiences of each high school group visit to Cabell Library will vary; we are happy to help you plan your visit. 

Group visits must be scheduled by the high school librarian at least two weeks in advance. Your high school librarians will lead the library instruction session. We can schedule a one-on-one with your librarian to help strategize the information literacy session. To set up a classroom experience with your librarians in Cabell Library, contact Donna Coghill at

Some things to consider about your library classroom visit:

  • Time of year: we have limitations on room availability. For the fall, consider late August, VCU's Reading Days, or after November 1st. For the spring, consider anything prior to January 31st, VCU's Spring Break, or after April 1st. View VCU's Academic Calendar
  • Size of your group: the classroom can seat 30 tightly and has 20 computers. Students may use their own devices by accessing VCU's free Guest Wireless. *Some school laptops limit guest wireless use; please check prior to your visit.*
  • For larger groups: you may want to consider breaking the group up, half in the classroom and half touring Cabell Library. One example of a high school visit might be that the high school librarian leads a classroom session while a teacher leads a tour of the building. Others may have a longer visit and the librarian would lead both the classroom and tour portion.
  • Library instruction will be conducted by the high school librarian. Prior to the visit, the librarian can set up a one-on-one training session with Donna Coghill, the Community Engagement Librarian. If needed, VCU Libraries may also assist the high school librarian by sharing teaching materials or other aids.
  • Each visiting group must be well supervised.

Donna Coghill is happy to help you determine the best experience for your visit. Please do not hesitate to contact her and discuss the best experience for your school.

Who to contact:

For classroom and other on-site experiences:

Donna E. Coghill, Community Engagement Librarian and Coordinator of Campus Partnerships | 804-828-6554

For setting up or checking on your school's borrowing privileges:

Denise Smith, Information Associate | 804-828-2465