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MATX Media Art & Text

Research guide for VCU's PhD program Media Art & Text (MATX) with basic resources for the historical and theoretical study of media, both old and new. Supports Department of English, the School of the Arts and the School of Mass Communications.

Media & Communication Journals

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Google Books

Citations, tables of contents, and whole or partial books from throughout the history of printing.

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Google Scholar

Scholarly literature crawled by Google.

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Art and Design Databases

Try the Design or Contemporary Art Guides for additional resources.

Language & Literature Databases

Try the Literary Criticism or the Literature & Leisure Reading guide for more resources.

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Interdisciplinary Resources

Primary Source Collections

Try the History guide for more tips on finding primary sources.

Theses and Dissertations

Dissertations may be useful sources for researching the state of the field
and the bibliographies can often provide a wealth of new sources.