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MATX Media Art & Text

Research guide for VCU's PhD program Media Art & Text (MATX) with basic resources for the historical and theoretical study of media, both old and new. Supports Department of English, the School of the Arts and the School of Mass Communications.

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Welcome to the Media, Art & Text Guide, where you'll find resources for scholarly study at the intersection of media, art, and text.

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Arts Humanities Innovative Media Special Collections &
Public Affairs

Carla-Mae Crookendale
Cabell Library 121-A
(804) 828-0367

John Glover
Cabell Library 121-F
(804) 828-6555

Oscar Keyes
Cabell Library 078-J
(804) 828-9612

Katharine Buckley
Cabell Library
(804) 828-1108

Nia Rodgers
Cabell Library
(804) 828-8565

Innovative Media & The Workshop

Photo of the computers and space of The Workshop with the Workshop logo over top of it.

The Workshop provides hardware, software, spaces, and expertise to help the VCU community produce creative work of all kinds. Practically, that means concentrating in three main areas: graphics, audio and video projects; the world of hands-on making; and exploring new and emerging technologies.

Contact Oscar Keyes, Multimedia Teaching & Learning Librarian for consultations and advice on using multimedia resources.

Special Collections & Archives

Book Art CollectionRare books at Tompkins McCaw Library

The Special Collections and Archives departments at James Branch Cabell Library and the Health Sciences Library
provide access to rare publications and primary source materials. Featured collections include:

  • Book Art
  • Comic Arts
  • Books, Periodicals, and Archival Collections about Richmond and VCU History
  • Archival Collections of under-documented groups in Central Virginia
  • Medical Artifacts

Contact Special Collections for research consultations and advice on using archival materials.

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