Open Access Publishing

Scholars Compass

Scholars Compass is a publishing platform for the intellectual output of VCU’s academic, research, and administrative communities. Its goal is to provide wide and stable access to the exemplary work of VCU’s faculty, researchers, students, and staff.

Content housed in VCU Scholars Compass can include but is not limited to:

  • published or unpublished faculty research
  • conference papers and proceedings
  • presentations, technical reports and working papers
  • books and book chapters
  • multimedia
  • administrative and policy documents
  • theses and dissertations
  • data sets
  • peer-reviewed journals and other series
  • instructional material and courseware
  • software

Federal Public Access Mandates

Some government funders and grant-making foundations require funded authors to make their articles and data available to the public. 

In 2013, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released a memo directing U.S. federal government agencies to develop plans to support public access to research publications and improved data management and accountability. As a result, many major U.S. government agencies have released policies for researchers who receive grant funding. See our research guides to learn how to:

Open Access Repositories