Evidence-Based Practice Portfolio

The goal of this guide is to provide nurses a resource to understand and carryout the steps of performing an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.

VCU Health

Updated:  March 27, 2018 

Meet with Mentor - Sign Off on Question and Team Members



Before moving on, meet with your mentor/advisor concerning your question.  The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that your question and path forward are one that will allow you to be successful.  Do not move forward before your mentor/advisor sign off on the meeting sheet.

During this meeting discuss the clinical question you have come up with and how that question links to the unit and/or hospital goals.  It would also be a good time to discuss why this is an important question and any potential data sources that can be consulted to determine the impact of any potential intervention.

Also, during this meeting discuss the stakeholders who will be affected by the project and which people on the unit or in the hospital who have been identified as potential team members.  It may be useful to get some commitments from some of the potential team members so that you can have their assistance as you gather and evaluate evidence. 

Stop 1: Documents for Review 

Questions for Mentors to Discuss with Mentees / Questions to Consider at this Point

  • What issues/problems are you observing in the practice environment?  How can these be addressed?
  • What is your initial question?   
  • What information or database resources have you consulted in formulating your question?
  • What experts or other members of the organization have you discussed your question or idea with at this point?  What feedback or thoughts emerged from these conversations?  
  • Have you identified potential team members to assist with this project?
  • How does this question align with a hospital or unit goals? 
  • What are some potential data sources that could be used to help determine if this is, in fact, a problem or will help to determine the effectiveness of the intervention if a practice change is adopted?