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The goal of this guide is to provide nurses a resource to understand and carryout the steps of performing an evidence-based practice (EBP) project.

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Updated:  March 27, 2018 

Meet with Mentor - Sign Off on Evidence Evaluation



Before moving on, meet with your mentor/advisor concerning your evaluation of evidence.  The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that your evaluation of the evidence is sound.  Do not move forward before your mentor/advisor sign off on the meeting sheet.

During this meeting discuss the evidence you have found, how you found it and any issues or challenges you have faced finding evaluating the evidence. It would also be a good time to discuss potential changes or enhancements to practice that may be suggested and who may need to be involved to make these changes.  


Stop 2: Documents for Review 

Questions for Mentors to Discuss with Mentees / Questions to Consider at this Point

  • How do you feel about the evidence you have found?
  • Did you have any issues finding evidence?
  • Who have you spoken to about your topic? 
  • Have you identified stakeholders and talked with them?  Have any of them agreed to join the team to carry this project forward and implement any potential changes on the unit? 
  • What are some of the interventions that were discovered?  Which of these do you feel are the best and why?
  • Have you identified sources to gather data for both the pre-intervention and post-intervention period?