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Print, Copy, & Scan

Printing from your laptop or mobile device

There are two ways to print from your own device: 

1. Use the Mobile Print Center website (quicker, no advanced settings)

Visit and log in with your VCU eID and password. Upload your documents to the Mobile Print Center and change basic print options in the lower right-hand corner of the page. 


2. Download the print drivers to your computer (longer setup, more advanced settings)

Install OnePrint's free software driver on your computer. Download the driver here (scroll down to select Windows or Mac). You can contact the VCU IT Support Center for step-by-step assistance or schedule an appointment for them to set it all up for you! 

After installation, the printing process is the same as printing from a library desktop computer

Release a Print

Once you've sent a print job: 

  1. Make sure you have funds available in your Rambucks account: 
    • Use the RamBucks kiosks to deposit with credit, debit, or mobile pay (minimum deposit = $1)
    • Go to to deposit with a credit or debit card (minimum deposit = $25)
  2. Find a printer on any floor
  3. Tap your VCUCard to the side of the touch screen 
    • Or, type in your VCU eID and password on the touch screen
  4. Select Copy & Print Release 
  5. Select one or more documents from your queue and select Print. The cost will be deducted from your Rambucks account.