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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions related to large format printing.  

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Large Format Printing


The poster layout should be on a single Microsoft PowerPoint slide or PDF document.


Maximum Size

42 inches on the shortest side.  It can be as long as you need it.  Note: We are unable to cut the excess off posters more than 50 inches wide.


How fast can it be printed?

Typically in 48-72 hours. You'll receive an email when your poster is ready.


If submitting more than 5 posters at once the turnaround may be affected. Please contact or to see the projected time frame.


Paper posters are $10 per foot, or portion thereof, on the longest side.  

Fabric posters are $8 per foot.  (Only available at the Health Sciences Library)

Example:  A three and a half foot poster will be charged at four feet.  

Payment is accepted by credit/debit card, RamBucks, or department charge code.  If you'll be charging the cost of the print to a university account, bring the budget code with you when you come to pick up your poster

Submitting Your Poster for Printing:

    Proof, Edit, and Revise Your Poster!

Library staff will not design, format, or edit your poster in any way. What you submit to the VCU Libraries is exactly what will be printed.You will be responsible for the cost of the reprint as well as that of the original.


Google Form

Posters to be submitted to Cabell Library or Health Sciences Library using the following forms


Cabell Library


Health Sciences Library


You must be using a VCU Gmail account to submit. This can be found here:


Pick-up locations:

Cabell Library:  Service Desk, first floor

Health Sciences Library:  Service Desk, first floor

Poster Tubes

Poster tubes are available at the Health Sciences Library only.  Cardboard tubes cost $5 and there are two plastic poster carriers available for loan.

The VCU Bookstore on the Monroe Park Campus as well as most area art supply stores and U.S. Post Offices carry hard plastic transportation tubes.

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