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Ebook FAQ for VCU Libraries

Getting Started

This guide was created so that VCU Libraries staff and faculty can better understand the features of some of the libraries' most commonly used ebook platforms. In this guide you will learn:

  • How to search for ebooks in the VCU Libraries collections
  • How to troubleshoot when you're unable to access these titles
  • General licensing information, including details on concurrent access and downloading content
  • Tips for navigating different ebook formats and platforms

Select a platform's page from the navigation on the left-hand side of this page to view specific details and tips for each one. 

Ebook Platforms: Comparison Grid

Click on the comparison grid below to view the full chart and compare features of the most popular ebook platforms available through VCU Libraries.

This comparison grid was adapted with permission from Harvard Biomedical Data Management's Electronic Lab Notebook Matrix.

Something missing?

Since ebook platforms and our collections are both constantly evolving, this guide should always be considered a work in progress. If you have suggestions for the content of this guide, please contact Anita Mallory at