FASH 350: Fashion Promotion

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Arts Research Librarian

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Carla-Mae Crookendale
Arts Research Librarian
(804) 827-0367
Cabell Library, Room 121-L

Company Analysis

Company Analysis

  • Company Description
  • Brand Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Distribution
  • Current Promotion Activities
    Plunkett, Factiva, Passport GMID
    • Company profiles (description, products, etc)
  • Business Source Complete & ABI Inform
    • SWOT Analyses
    • Company profiles
    • News (branding, promotion, events, etc)
  • Company corporate website
    • Description, branding, products, etc
    • Annual Reports

Company Corporate Website

 Research Tip: Company Corporate Website (e.g. gapinc.com, lb.comascenaretail.com)
A company's corporate website can be a rich source of company information e.g.

  • Values
  • Brands/Subsidiaries
  • Annual reports
  • News

Researching Denim

Research Tip: Researching Denim

  • Search using keywords denim and jeans
  • Limit results to subject=denim or jeans for increased relevance
  • Limit content to the last 1-3 years for currency
  • Search for company profiles and news for specific denim brands
  • Search denim industry, denim brands or premium denim for overall trends