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FSF (Fashion Scholarship Fund) Case Study

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Research Tip:

Sources on the web can be great for business research if you choose
the right ones!

- Business magazine websites like Business of Fashion, Forbes, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal & Entrepreneur

- Corporate websites for a public parent company e.g.

- Industry websites e.g. (The National Retail Federation) or

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Design Project Brief

In this case study, you will do further research into the psychographic profile and purchase drivers of the Gen Z consumer. You will focus on what you believe to be the key purchase drivers (i.e. sustainability, social causes, etc.) and develop a line of fashion products (apparel, accessories, footwear, beauty or home goods) that you believe will have the greatest opportunity to succeed. You will also identify the retailer and/or e-commerce platforms where you would launch your line.

Researching Gen Z Consumers

Research Tip: Gen Z (AKA Generation Z or Centennials) are consumers born from 1997 to the present.
Learn about their buying behaviors -

Search for  Gen Z, Generation Z or Centennials (+ fashion for extra relevance) in the following resources

WGSN - Design Resources


Find design tools including:

  • color, print and graphics forecasts
  • color libraries & color palette tool
  • original artwork
  • design components, and more.

Design Resources