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FSF (Fashion Scholarship Fund) Case Study

Marketing Resources

Marketing Project Brief

In this year's case study you will develop an analytical approach to improving promotional effectiveness for a fashion retailer or brand of your choice. The fashion apparel (men’s, women’s, kids, or gender neutral), accessories, footwear, home or beauty retailer/brand must be publicly traded. The retailer can be either a single-brand specialty retailer or a multi-brand department store. Your goal will be to identify broad-based sale events or promotional customer incentive activity that can be eliminated or reduced with minimal risk of sales loss. You will then propose alternate strategies designed to increase customer lifetime value.


  • Campaign Data
    View statistics on top marketing channels, approaches, and effectiveness metrics.
  • Case Finder
    Identify marketing case studies by Campaign Objective, Channels, Audience, Approach, and more.
  • Topics
    Content grouped around key marketing topics and tasks including Consumers & Audiences, Media channels & touchpoints, Effectiveness, analytics & ROI, and more.

RKMA Market Research Reports

Research Promotion Activities

Research Tip: company promotion activities

  1. Find a recent Annual Report on a public company's corporate website and browse for keywords like promotion or advertising.
  2. Find a recent SWOT Analysis in Business Source Complete or ABI Inform using keywords company name + SWOT analysis.
  3. Find recent company news from magazines and trade journals in Business Source Complete & ABI Inform using keywords e.g. company name + promotion strategy / sales event.

Find a Fashion Company

Research Tip: 

Find out if the company you're interested in is publicly traded using the resources below.

  1. Look up a company by name to see if it's publicly traded:
  2. Browse apparel companies that are publicly traded:

  • Look up a company by name to see if it's publicly traded. Note: in DJF, public companies are 'listed' vs private which are 'unlisted'