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FSF (Fashion Scholarships Fund) Case Study 2024

Marketing Project Brief

MARKETING OBJECTIVE: Authentic Brand Campaign to Build Trust

Your objective is to create an authentic brand campaign to circulate information about new or existing environmental brand actions, goals, and/or strategies. Connect your marketing strategy to the brand’s environmental agenda. Your campaign will include a marketing plan focused on authentic messaging addressing the positive actions the brand has or will take. The actions highlighted in your campaign should align with the goals the brand has for the future. The timeframe of your marketing plan should be one year. 

Your marketing plan should:

  • Focus on evolving the brand’s ESG communications through an authentic, anti-green-washing campaign.

  • Target a specific element of your brand’s environmental goals and target a segment of the brand's consumers. 

    • Clearly explain why this marketing strategy is relevant for the brand and the consumer segment. 

    • Explore the values, attitudes, and behaviors of the consumers you are targeting to validate the relevancy of your communication.

    • Allocate resources that support authentic, environmental, and social messaging such as consumer call to action or brand accountability, that you have identified as impactful for your target audience.

  • Address how you will create trust with consumers and build customer value. 

  • Include measurements of a successful marketing campaign that reflect the intent of the message. 

The brand you choose should be:

  • A mono-brand, not a multi-brand retailer (E,g. Nike, American Eagle)

  • Generally well-known.

  • Pure-play or operate across channels (e.g., brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, or multichannel). 

  • A fashion apparel, accessories, footwear, home, beauty, or health & wellness brand. 


                             Research Tips for finding WARC articles:

  • Use the Date Range filters "Last Year" and "Last three years" for currency
  • Use the category filters e.g."Clothing & accessories", "Toiletries & cosmetics", "Retail"
  • Browse using relevant keywords to determine effective marketing channels and strategies e.g. :
    • demographics (Gen ZMillennial, etc)
    • sociopolitical (ESG) issues (sustainability, authenticity, social justice, human rights, etc)
    • retail categories (apparel, accessories, footwear, home, beauty, health, wellness)

Use  to Browse Case Studies and find:

  • Campaign Data
    View statistics on top marketing channels, approaches, and effectiveness metrics.
  • Case Finder
    Identify marketing case studies by Campaign Objective, Channels, Audience, Approach, and more.
  • Topics
    Content grouped around key marketing topics and tasks including Consumers & Audiences, Media channels & touchpoints, Effectiveness, analytics & ROI, and more.

Research your Company / Brand

Research Tips:

  1. Search in Business Source Complete & ABI/Inform for the company/brand name AND
    1. consumers/customers, strategy, marketing etc. AND ESG Keywords
  2. A company's corporate website is a great source of information (e.g.

Marketing Resources