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FSF (Fashion Scholarships Fund) Case Study 2024

Business Strategy Project Brief

Establish an Initiative Emphasizing Environmental or Social Impact

Faced with the demand for environmental traceability and ethics transparency, your objective is to develop an ESG initiative for a brand of your choosing. Your initiative should be realistic yet innovative. It may be based on existing and/or emerging ESG practices and strategies. 

Your Strategy should:

  • Begin with a specific environmental goal that will be targeted, such as supply chain transparency, raw materials traceability, or micromaterial pollution.

  • Address specific resources, technology, or tools that you would utilize to achieve the specific strategic objectives of your initiative, impacting the brand’s ESG objective. 

  • Clearly identify the ESG objective you wish to achieve through the initiative and why it is relevant for your brand. 

  • Integrate the social pillar of ESG by addressing the impact on the people involved in the initiative. Consider suppliers, employees, and consumers. 

  • Address the estimated investment (financial and human resources), and the overarching benefit to the business.

The brand you choose should be:

  • A mono-brand, not a multi-brand retailer (E,g. Nike, American Eagle)

  • Generally well-known.

  • Pure-play or operate across channels (e.g., brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, or multichannel). 

  • A fashion apparel, accessories, footwear, home, beauty, or health & wellness brand. 

Retail & Technology Resources

 In the resources below, search using relevant ESG keywords e.g.

  • Fashion / Retail  AND supply chain AND transparency
  • "Brand Strategy" AND social responsibility