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FSF (Fashion Scholarships Fund) Case Study 2024

Design & Product Development Project Brief

Create a Considerate Collection Serving People and the Planet

Your objective is to design a collection that evolves the sustainable practices of a fashion brand with an environmental and social focus. Your collection can be for an existing product category addressed by the brand, or it can propose a brand expansion into a new product category or to a new target market. The brand may already have an environmentally or socially sustainable assortment, but your collection must evolve the existing offering or reach a new customer. You will also conduct brand research and explore social trends to align your concept with market demands. 

For your collection you must:

  • Reflect changing product trends, such as advances in materials, production processes, and/or design techniques. 

  • Consider the design details (e.g., fabrics and trim) and rationalize your design choices.

  • Create a connection to your target consumer and advance their well-being through research on your target market
    and/or the wider consumer base. 

  • Maximize the connection between the brand, the environment, and society. 

  • Consider how it promotes brand goals (existing or planned based on your research).

The brand you choose should be:

  • A mono-brand, not a multi-brand retailer (E,g. Nike, American Eagle)

  • Generally well-known.

  • Pure-play or operate across channels (e.g., brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, or multichannel). 

  • A fashion apparel, accessories, footwear, home, beauty, or health & wellness brand. 

Database Research Tips - ESG

The focus of the FSF Case Study this year is ESG (environmental, social, governance)

 In WGSN go to Fashion>Research & Create>Sustainability 
OR Search with ESG keywords then Choose a type of content>Reports to limit results by Market

In Fashion Snoops go to Culture>Points of Focus>Sustainability/Humanity
OR Search with ESG keywords then limit results by Market

 In Mintel go to Trend Drivers>Surroundings>Ethics/Sustainability
OR Search with ESG keywords + clothing, beauty, etc

 In WARC go to Strategy>Sustainability Hub or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
OR Search with ESG keywords then limit results by Categories e.g. Clothing & Accessories or Toiletries & cosmetics

WGSN - Design Resources

Go to Fashion > to find design tools including:

  • Color, print, and graphics forecasts
  • Color libraries & color palette tool
  • Original artwork
  • Design components, and more.

Fashion Snoops - Design Resources

Find design tools including:

  • Create Palettes, Concept Boards, Planning Boards and more
  • Image Bank
  • Graphic Library

Mintel - Trends

                              Research Tips:

  • Browse by keywords like 2023 retail, sustainable beauty/clothing, consumers etc. to find relevant reports e.g.
    • State of Retail & eCommerce - US - 2023
    • Multicultural Young Adults & Sustainability - US - 2022
  • Browse 2023 trends using the 'Trend Drivers' dropdown menu

Statista - consumer trends

Research Tips:Statista Market Outlook screenshot

  • Browse for consumer trend data:
    • Click on Outlook > Consumer Market Outlook
    • Find info on Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Beauty, and more

Design Resources