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Open Educational Resources

Evaluating OER for use in your class

When evaluating OER, you should consider:

  • Content (quality, accuracy, and currency)
  • Relevance to your class
  • Production quality
  • Technical capabilities and software
  • Interactivity and engagement
  • Accessibility of resources
  • Diversity and inclusion in the resource
  • Licenses/ability to adapt (if you're interested in customizing the resource)

The resources below provide additional details and can help you think through each of these criteria when evaluating OER.


Note: It's important to remember that Open Educational Resources (OER) can be just like their commercial counterparts except for the unrestricted access, sharing, and editing allowed by their open licenses. Thus, the process of selecting the right OER can be quite similar to how you're currently reviewing texts to make sure they're a good fit for your course.  

Resources for Evaluating OER