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VCU Affordable Course Content Awards

VCU Libraries, the Office of the Provost, the ALT Lab and Online@VCU, and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Academic Technologies, and Barnes and Noble @ VCU partner for awards which support faculty adoption of zero-cost resources and creation of openly-licensed alternatives to expensive textbooks. 

Awards are granted in three categories:

  • Adopt: Redesign your course to incorporate open or free educational resources with little to no editorial changes made to the resource.
  • Adapt: Modify an open resource, combine and/or modify multiple open resources, or create ancillaries for an existing resource.
  • Create: Create a substantially new openly licensed resource, where it is possible to demonstrate that quality resources are not currently available to meet learning objectives.

Additional information is available on the Affordable Course Content Awards guide

Non-Financial Support at VCU

As a part of the VCU Affordable Course Content Awards, faculty are supported by program partners in the adoption, adaption, and creation of free and open materials. All VCU can also take advantage of these avenues of support by contacting the relevant department. Potential support includes: 

  • VCU Libraries: assistance in locating existing open materials for adoption/adaptation; assistance identifying additional project support freelancers; hosting and long-term preservation of final products in Scholars Compass; DOI assignment; consultations on publishing workflows and best practices, copyright and open licensing, metadata creation, upkeep and maintenance of materials, and how to share resources to wider community.
  • ALT Lab: helping establish the state of interactive media in your discipline, assistance in determining authoring patterns and tools, creating and supporting customized authoring patterns, hosting necessary tools and platforms (WordPress, Pressbooks, etc) 
  • CTLE: assistance with curricular alignment, evidence-based pedagogical support, learner needs analysis, assessment and evaluation, instructional design, and other project support as requested
  • Barnes & Noble at VCU: provide print copies of open textbooks and other resources for purchase in the bookstore, including custom materials through XanEdu

VIVA Course Redesign Grants

VIVA (the Virtual Library of Virigina) offers VIVA Course Redesign Grants. These grants are designed to empower Virginia faculty with the resources and time they need to redesign courses by swapping out textbooks and other expensive course materials for open, no cost, or library options. These materials may be adopted as is, adapted, or created from scratch.

This program will award grants from $1,000 to $30,000 to assist faculty in transitioning to course materials available at no cost to students, such as open educational textbooks and/or library resources. Applications that include multi-institutional partnerships are encouraged. 

Additional information can be found on the VIVA Course Redesign Grant page

VCU Libraries is eager to work with faculty in applying for grant funds, identifying multi-institutional partners, and serving as project partners. Interested faculty should contact Jessica Kirschner, open educational resources librarian at 

VIVA is currently accepting proposals. Applications are due February 28, 2020.

Learn more about the VIVA Course Redesign Grants.