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FASH 303: Design Theory and Illustration


Use WGSN to browse for:

  • Apparel companies specializing in prints

  • Prints & Graphics trends

  • Color trends

  • Color Library & Original Artwork

Company Research Resources

Company Research Resources

Company Research Tip

Research Tip: Look up a company's corporate website for additional information (e.g. Gap Inc.).

Pattern & Color Research

Use the guides linked below to research color and pattern:

Browsing for Books

Use these call numbers to browse for books at the Cabell Library:

  • GT 500-2370 (1st Floor) -- Costume and Fashion; pattern books, history, terminology
  • NK 1160-1590 (3rd Floor) -- Decorative Arts. Decoration and Ornament. Design
  • NK 8800-9505.5 (3rd Floor) -- Textile history and design
  • TS 1300-4865 (4th Floor) -- Textile industry, fibers and machinery
  • TT 500-695 (4th Floor) -- Fashion: designers, dictionaries, handbooks, patterns, and more