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OLD How Do I Request Resources?

A step by step guide on how to request copies, chapters, books, media, and other materials housed in the VCU Libraries collections or from another library.

From Other Libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Sometimes the materials needed for your research and study are not available in the VCU Libraries’ collections.

Use the  or ILLiad  to request it, track it and get it.

On your behalf, VCU Libraries will borrow materials that are unavailable or not licensed by VCU Libraries from other libraries.

This includes borrowing items that may be owned by VCU Libraries but cannot be retrieved by you or library staff within a reasonable amount of time.  This means submitting a request when the needed materials are:

  • Not owned by VCU Libraries
  • Checked out to another patron
  • At the bindery
  • In repair
  • Lost
  • Missing
  • Not on the shelf and in its proper location
  • On order
  • In processing
  • Owned by VCU Libraries, but not in the needed format or edition (e.g., VCU Libraries owns the electronic copy but you need the print version; VCU Libraries owns the 7th edition but you need the 10th edition)