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Biomedical and Basic Sciences Research

Curated resources for students, faculty, and staff engaged in basic sciences and biomedical sciences education and research

Key Resources for Your Department

Popular resources for experimental protocols:

The following are instructional videos that you may find helpful. Please note that the resources provided on this page are not a substitute for speaking with a trained scientist on how to properly perform these procedures.

The following are a selection of e-books available through VCU Libraries. Unless otherwise noted, e-books are restricted to 1 user at a time.  

To browse neuroscience books available at the Health Sciences Library, visit the "RC", "QH", and "QP" sections on the 2nd floor.  The following is a selection of neuroscience books that are part of VCU Libraries' physical collection. If there is a book that you love, that is not in our collection, please email Stacey Wahl, Ph.D. to inquire about adding it to the collection at TML.

These resources provide helpful information for neuroscience researchers: