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TIP: To search the above journals with PubMed, use the Boolean operator AND to combine your PubMed search with "Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys"[Journal] OR "Med Phys"[Journal] OR "Phys Med Biol"[Journal] OR "Pract Radiat Oncol"[Journal] OR "Radiother Oncol"[Journal] .  Please note that Practical Radiation Oncology is indexed in MEDLINE from January 2014 onward.

Medical Physics

Popular resources used to search for medical physics articles:

Additional resources to consider include:

The following are a selection of e-books available through VCU Libraries. Unless otherwise noted, e-books are restricted to 1 user at a time.  

For printed books that you may find useful, browse sections R 895-920 (medical physics, medical radiology, and nuclear medicine) on the 2nd floor of the Tompkins-McCaw Library. The following are a few of the print books VCU Libraries has in its collection.

Download the Browzine app to your Apple or Android device and easily browse through journal articles. You can also access BrowZine via the web. Your VCU subscription includes BrowZine access to Medical PhysicsPhysics in Medicine and Biology, Radiotherapy and Oncology, and more.

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